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Fragrance Classics for Him

Fragrance Classics for Him

Liz Claiborne

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Curve for Men has a spicy, woody, magnetic scent you can wear every day. A masculine blend of woody notes and other exhilarating scents, Curve is ideal for the active man who likes to take risks and celebrate all of life's possibilities.

Designed to keep up with the guy who lives for the moment, Curve Crush for Men provides an energetic jolt of super-charged freshness and distinct, exotic fragrance. Experience a refreshing scent with Curve Sport for Men.

Designed for the active man, Curve Sport is a fast-paced fragrance that's stimulating, fresh, dynamic, charismatic, and energetic.

Lucky You for Men provides sophisticated finishing touch when you want to feel confident. The fragrance of Lucky You for Men is subtle and memorable without being overpowering, and can be worn for a variety of occasions, whether you will be outdoors or in the office.

PS by Paul Sebastian richly confident and distinctly masculine makes it easy to always smell your best. Sophisticated yet down-to-earth, Paul Sebastian fragrance is suitable for use during the day and it impress while enjoying the nightlife

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